press releases

your brand's story and news

Excellent media coverage always begins with a good story; narratives created and used as a benchmark to engage readers, shape opinions and define brands.

In the same way, our approach to igniting a persuasive news bulletin is always strategic, engaging, and results-driven.

Not only do we align your mission statement and core objectives with the right editor or journalist, we also deliver brand traction, value, and loyalty with their readers via a broad spectrum of traditional print, broadcast, digital and social media platforms.

Because of the team’s expertise in public relations and journalism, we have the advantage of knowing what makes a compelling feature story from an editor’s point of view and know how to effectively convert your press releases, news bulletins, and other promotional synergies into a feature story through our extensive network.

To give your media campaign even greater lift-off, our associations are further complemented by the trust editors place in our ability to provide them with an exciting story.